Project Developers

The inherent benefits to utilizing our protocol.


Many benefits come with using our minting protocol. Our team members are on hand to help you fill any gaps in your tech or marketing. Our social channels will promote your project and can arrange unique business partnerships to help promote your mint, including access to preferred partnerships and even platforms to speak on. Additionally, our holders are highly incentivized to engage with your marketing and communities, share, and mint your project.

No Cost Marketing and Advertisement

Included in each use of our Minting Protocol service packages are a few beneficial marketing services at no cost to you. Because we know our communities are safe, we can post on our socials to promote your mint. Your project will be featured in the upcoming mints portion of our website. Your mint date and essential details are released on our socials. Upon completion of milestones, we will be able to post your accomplishments on our socials! We also hold a space in your honor pre-mint and will have regularly scheduled spaces where you may be mentioned.

Safe and Secure KYC

Founder KYC will only be visible to the legal team, including an NDA, as we will never release your personal information without consent. KYC ensures that all legal documents we sign can be notarized and valid. It is highly beneficial for communities to know that you have done a KYC so that the contracts you sign with us are legitimate. After all milestones are met, your KYC information will no longer have bearing (however the NDA will still be in place), and the remainder of the funds raised will be released to you.

Contingency Plans

There is a separate section for contingency plans, as it can be in-depth; please note that there is more than one option when a milestone is not met.

Advanced Planning

When we have a meeting to sit down and discuss your project goals, we will work together to define a list of milestones and outline the cost of services.

Peace of Mind | Multi-Sig

Any wallet transactions will require action through a multi-sig wallet. This will be intertwined with the smart contract that holds the funds from the mint/s. There is a 2-step verification done through our legal team. All key holders will be required to sign legal documentation to ensure the multi-sig is not used without the consent of the minting project. You will also hold a key of your mints multi-signature wallet to ensure funds cannot be moved without your consent, unless in the worst-case scenarios outlined in contingency plans. As noted prior this will never be done without exploring reasonable and good-faith avenues of remediation. The keys will require all participants to transfer any funds. A separate key will be made and held aside as a contingency. The key is under contract to only be used by the legal team in case of the death of a keyholder/breach of contract on either end. Our Legal Team, Core Team, and Minting Project will each hold a key.
You will have the peace of mind that your KYC is safe. Legal measures are in place to ensure that actions are notarized, and nondisclosure agreements will be signed where applicable. We also can offer legal services to you if you so choose.


Each meeting will be held in confidence under legal agreement. Our employees will have NDAs in place where applicable. Your information is safe with us, as protecting you and our community is paramount. More information on our minting protocol can be found in our Pangolin Protocol medium article.