Non-Custodial Rewards and Vaulting

Non-Custodial rewards at its best, with extra perks!

Multiple Rewards/Vaulting Options

We have multiple options for Holder Rewards and Vaulting platforms, with more to come. The first is a standard non-custodial reward option Partners 5% (2,000,000). The second option is a multiplicative platform, with features to multiply rewards for NFTs with specific traits $SCALE Generator NFTs. With future projects in mind, we have the capability to provide even more advanced reward options. The ability to vault tokens and NFTs, requiring each to be vaulted to access rewards will be available. Lastly, the ability to vault for increments of time will also be available. Vaulting in longer increments increases your reward output.

Why Go with Pangolin?

With our non-custodial rewards ran by Tekmirio we can offer this service for free, seamlessly transitioning your project into one people hold. We also have access to discounts on getting custom vaults created through our partners. We promise premium service at competitive rates. It has never been cheaper or easier to vault non-custodial. We have a strategic partnership with Tekmerio to utilize their tech immediately post-mint of our Pangolin Token. For more information on Tekmerio please check out partnered teams. For more information, there will be a "Vaulting Platform" Medium article in the near future.