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Pangolin Protocol: The Future of Minting

Pangolin Protocol is determined to put an end to minting fear and fraudulent projects, with services to help ensure projects are on the path to success.

Safer Space for Creators and Investors

In this Gitbook you will find all the information you need on our project and protocol. Medium articles are also available for a more in-depth look. Our goal is to bring secure mints to Cardano, and reward our holders and clients as we do so.

Why Use Our Protocol?

Clients have extra benefits in the form of; an automatic rewards partner, holding spaces in your honor, pay after mint (for extra services), in-depth consultation, private KYC, mint marketing, launchpad style community and more. Investor benefits include enhanced security of mint and project success through in-depth analysis and out mint-escrow protocol, vaulting rewards, discounted mints, guaranteed mint allocation, deflationary tokenomics, allowlist and more. For more introduction please see our introductory medium article!