Below is the tokenomics chart and a brief explanation of how these allocations will be utilized. $SCALE has not been released yet, and will only be released as outlined below.

Sale 25% (10,000,000) 1.2M $ADA Hardcap

The sale will take place on IDO Pass DAOs Launchpad. This will happen in phases as described by their documentation. Early rounds are exclusive to holders of $IDP and IDO Pass DAOs Founders/Member Passes. However, the remaining tokens from early rounds will be available in the public round on IPD PAD; a public round is not guaranteed. For more information on how to participate in early rounds with guaranteed allocation, please read up on the launchpad's processes here. Any unsold tokens will be put into a seperate ISPO and distributed over time to make up for "loss of mint funds"

NFT Vaulting 35% (14,000,000)

The holders of Scale Generator NFT will have the opportunity to acquire $SCALE through our vaulting system. This 35% is reserved completely to the Scale Generator NFTs. Additionally, collaborations will be in place to distribute tokens to partner projects, however, Pangolin NFT will always yield the highest vaulting rewards.

Core Team 1% (400,000)

Only 1% will be given to the team, locked for 1 year. After that it can only be dripped over a 1 year period.

LP 3% (1,200,000)

3% of our entire token will be paired with ADA from the treasury to supply liquidity to common Cardano DEX pools. Please remember our buyback token mechs, and ISPO (10% of token) will be used to constantly be adding to the LP and taking tokens off the market.

Marketing 5% (2,000,000)

All tokens paid to marketing team members will be paid out over 2 years minimum.

ISPOs "Stake Pool" 10% (4,000,000)

These rewards will be used to incentivize our "stake pool" rewards delegators. All profits acquired from minting blocks will be used to purchase $SCALE off the market, please read below for more information. As we create more partnerships, we also intend to add additional tokens to our rewards.

Partners 5% (2,000,000)

For strategic partnerships with established projects. This token will be distributed through our non-custodial system over a 2+ year period. The intent is to have a high holder count, not to over distribute our token.

IPD Holders 1% (400,000)

This token is granted to IDO Pass DAO for use of IPD PAD as part of their terms of service. This will be airdropped to IDO Pass DAO Founders and Members Pass NFTs holders for use of the launchpad.

Token Vaulting 10% (4,000,000)

Vaulting a block of 1,000 $SCALE will grant the vaulters (1) share. There will be rewards for locking up $SCALE for longer periods of time. This determines the long-term vaulting incentivization token. $SCALE must be vaulted for the entirety of the vaulting period to qualify for harvest. You may vault multiple shares. These tokens will be distributed over one year at a fixed rate. After that any remaining tokens, and tokens added through our cyclical rewards mechanisms will be reevaluated for future vaulting benefits. More details will be released in our future Rewards & Vaulting medium article.

Drip 5% (2,000,000)

This token will be used to incentivize participation in the discord. Our platform will require a community to function, best to keep that community active! We will also be utilizing other drip methods, to ensure our holder count is as high as possible. This will be distributed over a 4+ year period. More information on tokenomics can be found in our tokenomics medium article.