Pangolin Protocol

Web 2.0 to Web 3.0

A one-stop shop for those not versed in cryptocurrencies and their unique intricacies.

Seeking Partnership

We are currently looking into collaborating with a well-known Web 2 provider with thousands of clients over a 10-year span. Their services include but are not limited to website/UI creation advertising, marketing, and game development. This will not be the only collaboration of this nature.

Custom UI Solutions

Our website/UI development team creates both a landing page/subsequent pages and an experience. Advanced interactions and implementations are available upon request.

Cardano + Integration

Our team can do this if your UI has to interact with the blockchain. We can handle your imaginative customization and advanced integrations. This includes minting pages, gamification, rewards distribution programs, and more.

Website Creation

Our team is also capable of creating an innovative website experience. This includes minting pages, content, and branding to help your website stand out.

Web Games

Our current developer can make simple web games to create a memorable experience on your website.

Cardano Integrations

Whether you need a simple site-wallet integration or more advanced integrations and gamification, it is all within our current grasp. We offer: Front-end: React, Next.js, Typescript, MaterialUI, TailwindCSS, Vue.js, Nuxt.js, AngularJS GraphQL (Apollo/client) Backend: Node.js, Express.js, Django, Laravel, Sympony, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Firebase, DynamoDB, GraphQL, Apollo/server, Prisma, AWS, Docker, Heroku, Netlify Blockchain: Solidity, Haskell, Rust, WebAssembly, Mesh SDK in Solana and Cardano Blockchain-related fields - Token, Dapp, Dex, Defi, NFT, NFT minting, rewards, P2E game, Token launch pad, IDO/ICO, etc.
For more information, there will be a "Development Services" Medium article in the near future.