Tech Partners

Its important for expansion to hire as you go. With more and more solutions being created by our team we will need strategic partnerships in place to efficiently and effectively run.


At conception, our Vaulting and Minting processes will be powered by Anvils API's/SDKs. This is to ensure a reliable user experience, and so that we can leverage existing, proven technology, to speed our launch. As we grow we will be implementing our own tools, however, it is essential to be ready to conduct services through a trusted source at conception.


Tekmirio is a cutting-edge staking platform developed to address the specific need of token reward distribution within the Cardano ecosystem. What sets Tekmirio apart is its non-custodial nature, ensuring that your NFTs remain securely in your wallet while still participating in the staking process. By using off-chain calculations, the platform scans the contents of your wallet without requiring the actual possession of your tokens. This provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind, knowing that your valuable digital assets are safe.
Utilizing their token launchpad (IPD Pad) is pivotal to bringing extra incentives to our services. The launchpad will bring investors an extra layer of interest in any token sales.
Osmium DAO is building a Web 2 to Web 3 trading system (OSMarket) to facilitate seamless payments for Web 2 companies for our Web 2 clients.
The Farm Bot primary function is to facilitate off-chain transactions, enabling the rewarding of communities without imposing additional costs on creators, apart from the input transaction fees. Moreover, it allows for the accumulation of tokens before withdrawing them. While premium versions of this product are available, the basic features, such as inputting tokens, giving tokens, receiving tokens, and offering tips based on user activity, are all accessible free of charge. Through our collaborative efforts, we aim to highlight the substantial utility that Farm Bot can offer, providing an affordable solution for distributing tokens and onboarding new users.
Clarity brings unique and professional governance tooling to the Cardano ecosystem! With this tech partner addon we can bring governance tooling to you in a professional manner, at a reduced cost. We also will be utilizing this service on our own custom webpage for projects released under our wing.
The RTS team will be creating multi-chain solutions that we will be incorportaing overtime as offerings to our communities/clients in a way that benefits us all. More information is to come from their side soon!
NFDevils intends on bringing professionally tooled and presented learning classes in order to help the average user to expand their knowledge not only on Cardano but Crypto as a whole. These classes will be an important tool in facilitating Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 clients, educating them in a fun and presentable manner. These services will be conducted benefiting our communities, and clients at a discounted rate.
The BFMC already has amazing and extremely affordable solutions via their "Bad Key" NFT gated tooling. Their tools include: Airdrops with no extra fees, governance with no fee, feeless NFT weighted giveaways and their upcoming NFT swap. With community in mind BFMC has created a easy and affordable solution to creators needs. This partnership will help shed light into inherit benefits by interacting with the BFMC ecosystem.
NMKR has been an important tool in the Cardano ecosystem, making JSON file creation and minting easy and accessible. They are also working on fractionalization of NFTs and more! We intend on bringing their services to our clients at a reduced rate.
XFORGE Provides a user-friendly no-code platform to creators, brands, and anyone who wants to mint, sell, and manage digital assets. They are also capable of facilitating Json file creation at a reasonable rate. Through this partnership we will be able to facilitate mints at a reduced rate, while still giving back to our community as always.
CardanoPress has been providing low cost and low-code solutions to building your WordPress website, with near automatic Cardano Plugins! They also offer: ISPO installation, setup, and data extraction. NFT Gated Magazine style websites, stake pool websites, catalog sales page, website design, and website hosting! Through this new partner we will be able to provide their services at a discounted rate, while giving back to our community!
High quality marketing services. With over 10 years in the industry Fracas has vast web 2 and web 3 experience! They also do more then just marketing. Their team is capable of blockchain developement, discord bot developement, blockchain and web developement, design and much more! As with all our other partners we can offer their services to our clients at a discounted rate while still bringing rewards to our community!
The inmates is one of the highest holding count Cardano project to date. They are building out the ShankPad a web 3 management service! As of now more information is to be released about their initiative. However, as with all our partners we have already discussed discounts for our clients, while still bringing benefits to our holders!
Pending contract.

$ADA Referral Program

Our referral/rewards program significantly rewards those introducing us to potential projects. To submit a possible lead please see From Submission.