Pangolin Protocol

Community Benefits

How our protocol protects and cares for our holders.

Minting Benefits

NFTs that mint from our platform qualify for rewards on our vaulting platform.
Wallets vaulting a minimum of 5,000 $SCALE and/or that vault Pangolin NFTs are entitled to mint benefits. Each minting project will have unique parameters, so discount quantities will not always be standardized; however, every new mint will bring opportunities to our vaulting holders. Those who vault at least 5000 $SCALE will also receive a whitelist for all mints on our platform.


When you mint with us, your investment comes with the promise that either the project does as they say or you get as much of a refund as possible. There are contingency plans so that treasuries will not always be dissolved if a milestone is not reached. We cannot promise that a project will be as beneficial as their vision or yours, but we can promise that every project that mints on our platform is methodically thought through, and has reasonable potential to follow through, with a remediation plan for completion of milestones, contingency, or dissolution. Through our legal process, contracts will bind each project. Each project that uses our service will require KYC, with an NDA for privacy. This ensures we can sign, notarize, and legally bind each document. No project or founding team's personal information will ever be given out without the project having signed off on the release of information. Contracts are also in place to guard all funds within a multi-signature wallet that requires Pangolin Protocol, our lawyer (under contract), and the minting project to access funds. A fourth key is also under contract with our lawyer, which will be legally bound to be used only in the event of a breach of contract. More information on our minting protocol can be found in our Pangolin Protocol medium article.​