Core Team

This is the founding team behind Pangolin Protocol. The team will expand over time as we grow to accommodate more services.

Team Members

ImScaryTerry: A Co-Founder of IDO Pass DAO on Cardano, ImScaryTerry spearheads operations, team management, and recruitment. Additionally, he serves as the primary contact for our legal team. With a diverse background, Terry's expertise spans marketing, cryptocurrency, gaming, and customer service.
Mauricio Prieto: As the Co-Founder of Osmium DAO, Mauricio has cemented himself as a skilled and trusted developer, with proficiency in both Web 3 and Web 2. He brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to enrich the Cardano ecosystem. Mauricio also has great ties to the Latin Cardano community and serves as our liaison in that manner. FungusAmongUs: Co-Head of Sales team, head of finance division. With a degree in Business Management, a certificate in Data Analytics and many years of customer service Fungus will be proving high quality customer service. Cristian Rojas Velez: Head of Developement and South American Networking. With strong roots in the Cardano ecosystem Cristian will help bridge primarily spanish speaking Cardano into our ecosystem. Cristian has a talent for "dev" work, making him a great candidate for ensuring our Developement team is on the "up and up". Christian has also been funded in Catalyst Fund 7 with "Support Small Farmers in Latam".
DHG: Serving as the Head of Sales and Services, DHG possesses a decade-long experience in customer service and sales. Entrusted with leading customer service and account management, DHG's expertise ensures top-tier client interactions. Anomalous: Anomalous has a vast range of knowledge spanning from marketing to marketing content creation. Anomalous is our project advisor. With a great understanding of the Cardano ecosystem, he brings great value to our ventures.
Mac Attack: As the Head of Community Moderation, Mac Attack has hands-on experience moderating the intricate community DAO mechanics of IDO Pass DAO during its nascent stages. A dedicated family man, Mac has proven himself deeply committed to the Cardano community.
Juicy J: A pivotal IDO Pass DAO moderation team member, Juicy J has previously showcased his moderation skills with Battle Borgs. He now stands as the head of community management and relations, solidifying the bridge between the team and its community.

Future Team

Transparency is key, many projects will tell you that everything can be handled in-house when that may not be the case. We often need highly specialized talent, and we reach out to well-established and trusted teams to expedite work or reach the highest quality available. For all of our services growth is key, finding new contracting potential and team leaders will be implemented over time. Please check "Tech Partners" for more information.