Pangolin Protocol

Minting Protocol

A simplistic breakdown of our protocol.

Protocol Breakdown

Founding teams that use the Pangolin Protocol minting service will participate in an incremental fund release, where funds are held under contract to be released at predetermined milestones. This is very similar to how the Catalysts function, core difference is it will be deployed to our minting clients. All projects will participate in community-visible transparent agreements outlining milestones for fund release while protecting their team's privacy. This acts as a form of assurance without the need for traditional doxxing.
There will be contingency plans to remedy a team's delay or failures before dissolving the treasury and air-dropping to holders. Dissolving a treasury is an action of last resort, and we will do everything in our power to remediate issues through the plans and other means. More information on our minting protocol can be found in our Pangolin Protocol medium article and this section of the gitbook.