Pangolin Protocol

Marketing Assistance

We work alongside your marketing team.

Make a Good First Impression and Build on It

Our boutique graphics and creative services team specializes in turning your ideas into captivating visual stories. From branding, pitch decks, UI/UX design, NFT art, to social media campaigns, we have a lot to offer, so tell us what you are thinking, we are certain we can help you make a powerful first impression.

Space Speakers

We have experienced crypto professionals able to speak on behalf of your project. This will be through our main account for maximum traction. Many great minds wish to be able to market but may not have the ability to speak at a level required for the cut-throat spaces we have seen in the past. You may also wish to keep your identity private as you do not wish for it to interfere with your other endeavors; in this case, we can represent you.

Video and Image Creation

Our graphics design team produces high-quality video, design, and messaging with a unified look. We will promote content on our social channels and other marketing. More information will be in a future medium article.

Brand Recognition and Marketing Assistance

Our team of experienced marketers will develop an innovative strategy for your project. Many factors go into building a successful project, starting with proper marketing strategies and brand recognition.

Breakdown of Your Goals and Aspirations

Each project that mints with us will receive high-level consulting. This occurs during the milestone onboarding process where we develop a wholistic understanding of your goals. This consulting includes: • Breakdown of funds required to create your vision • Marketing strategy on how to make yourself known in the space • Acquiring services needed to fill the gaps in your team's capabilities • General understanding of what is required to compete in an ever-expanding market


We already have partnerships to help you distribute tokens to known holders in the Cardano space. We can also add it to our vaulting rewards and "stake pool" to spread your tokens into the hands of our holders responsibly. This would come with an exchange of $SCALE from us also. When using our minting protocol, your accomplishments, mint date etc. will be posted on marketing channels. Any videos you have us create will also be distributed. For more information, there will be a social media and marketing assistance Medium article in the near future.