Token Utility $SCALE

Pangolin token powers the ecosystem.

Project Minting Costs

Each project that mints on the platform will vault a quantity of $SCALE depending on their project's development needs. After completing all payment milestones, 50% of the vaulted $SCALE will be returned to the minting project. 25% of the vaulted tokens will be burned, and the other 25% will be added to the vaulting, "stake pool", and rewards systems. This partial burn and cyclical vaulting system is one of the deflationary and cyclical mechanisms of our tokenomics.

Multichain Integration

As an onboarding incentive, $SCALE will be available to Cardano projects through our non-custodial rewards platform. Off-chain projects can use our non-custodial system to acquire rewards on the Cardano blockchain. This will help us establish partners outside of Cardano, and help us establish a name in multiple spaces. More on this in a future update.

Token Vaulting

As the tokenomics section outlines, 10% of our token will be earned by short-term $SCALE vaulters. This will be based on shares; each 1,000 of $SCALE held is equivalent to (1) share; for instance, 2,000 $ SCALE equals (2) shares of the tokens distributed daily. There will be extra incentivization to vault tokens for extended periods of time for extra rewards. These tokens must be vaulted for the entirety of your vaulting agreement to be capable of harvesting. Wallets vaulting over 5000+ $SCALE will be granted a whitelist for all mints on the platform. A 10% discount is also granted to these vaulters. More perks may be released for long-term vaulting at this level. You can also recieve $SCALE Generator NFTs for vaulting. Please read more on that for more information.

"Stake Pool" Rewards

10% of our token will be reserved for the "Stake Pool" (ISPO) Rewards Program. $ADA profits earned by minting blocks on Cardano will be used to purchase $SCALE and added back to our "Stake Pool" Rewards System, which is another one of our cyclical mechanics. Additional partner-project tokens will be acquired and distributed to delegators.

Pangolin Token-Driven Utility ($SCALE)

A portion of NFTs from project mints on the Pangolin Protocol will be allocated to our $SCALE-Driven NFT Raffles.

$SCALE-Driven NFT Raffle Utility

This is a lottery where $SCALE can be used to participate in NFT Raffles.

Mint Using $SCALE

A portion of the Pangolin Protocol's customer project NFTs will be available to mint with $SCALE.
$SCALE acquired on these two platforms will be added to the "Stake Pool" and Vaulting Rewards Program pool to benefit the community vaults. This is a community participation-dependent utility; further information on how to access this utility will be delivered through Discord.

Future Utility

As more partnerships are formed, and technology develops, we will continue to evaluate opportunities for holders. More information on tokenomics can be found in our tokenomics medium article. More information on our vaulting system and the non-custodial rewards system will be detailed in a future article.