$SCALE Generator NFTs Utility

How Pangolin NFTs function within the ecosystem.

Vaulted Rewards

As stated in our tokenomics, a significant amount of $SCALE is devoted to our vaulting platform, separate from our partner's non-custodial distribution system. These rewards will be distributed over (60) months, however, our token strategy contains several ways to reseed the rewards pool, potentially extending it indefinitely. Rewards will be distributed at a fixed rate for the first four years and then reevaluated for project longevity. As stated in our tokenomics, these rewards are not only what you get for vaulting, but an added benefit of our ecosystem's highest distribution rate of $SCALE.

Discounted Mints

Each minting project will have unique parameters, so discount quantities will not be always be standardized; however, every new mint will bring opportunities to our vaulted NFT holders. This will be discounts on projects that go through our Escrow Minting service. It will always be beneficial to incoming clients to utilize our holders as a "launchpad" style system.

How to Vault for Rewards

Each Pangolin NFT reward is unlocked when vaulted with 5,000 $SCALE. For instance, three Pangolin NFTS must be vaulted with 15,000 $SCALE to activate the token rewards of all three NFTs. You still also get the vaulting rewards of the 5,000 $SCALE from other vaulting incentives outlined in token utility. A future medium article will outline more information on our Pangolin NFTs.