$SCALE Generator NFTs

NFTs that power our ecosystem.

How to Qualify for an NFT Drop

Immediately following the Pangolin Protocols $SCALE vaulting platform, a six-month timer will begin. In this timeframe, wallets that vault 5,000 $SCALE for at least four of the six months receive access to the NFT airdrop. (1) NFT for every 5,000 $SCALE that is vaulted for a four-month period within the six-month window. $SCALE sets may be stacked, for instance, 15,000 $SCALE vaulted for four months within the six-month window will be granted (3) NFTs. Our personalized NFT vaulting platform (different from our non-custodial distribution platform) will be created post-mint, with the ability to vault $SCALE and Pangolin NFTs to acquire your rewards. More information on acquiring the NFT Drop, and our Vaulting Platform will be released later.

Total Supply

There is a potential maximum quantity of 2,000 NFTs. However, initially, the actual quantity of NFTs that will released is expected to be much lower, since a max quantity assumes all 5,000 $SCALE token sets are assembled in wallets in perfect quantity, perfect stacks of 5,000 across all holders are unlikely. The portion of the remaining NFTs will be vaulted as team-building incentives, partnership incentives, raffle (with $SCALE), and community events. Depending on NFTs acquired from vaulting we also may introduce a second vaulting period for more NFTs. More information on this to come.

Five Rarity Levels

These NFTs are the most efficient way to acquire $SCALE rewards. There are five rarity levels to Pangolin NFTs. They are ranked as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Each NFT will vault for $SCALE rewards at differing reward rates. NFT mint distribution will be randomized, and reward rates will be issued soon. A future Medium article will outline more information on our Pangolin NFTs.