Token Launchpad

IPD Pad, the IDO Pass DAO's Launchpad.

IDO Pass DAO Affiliation

Our founder ImScaryTerry is the co-founder of IDO Pass DAO. A Launchpad service devoted to long-term rewards for their holders. We already have a partnership for our token sales to go through their launchpad to bring value to our offerings and pay respects to the community that helped give Terry his name. Aside from this affiliation, there are no other ties to IDO Pass DAO, future partnerships may occur but the entities are completely separate.

Why Launch on a Launchpad?

Launching a project on a token launchpad offers several critical advantages. Firstly, it provides exposure to a well-established and engaged crypto community, increasing the project's visibility and credibility. IPD Pad has a built-in network of investors and supporters, facilitating fundraising and initial liquidity. Finally, IPD Pads's service can provide a layer of trust for potential investors as tokens released there are vetted. Launchpads can aid in facilitating a successful and secure token launch.
For more information please check out IDO Pass DAO's medium articles: Introducing the IPD PAD IPD PAD Tier Allocation System